Sunday, February 24, 2008

Father of the Bride (1991)

Love is wonderful. Until it happens to your only daughter.

Father of the bride (1991) is a remake of the original one which came in 1950 and I saw this movie yesterday. The movie starts with the father facing the camera and telling us about his relationship with her daughter…it was nothing more than a typical relationship between any father-daughter relationship under the sun, but it was his way of narrating it that hooked me to watch the movie…and he takes us to the story of their lives 6 months back…

The daughter returns back home after her studies in Rome and on the dinner-table one night, she breaks the news of her being engaged to a guy, showing her folks the engagement ring…the father almost imagines her daughter being a 5 year old and saying the same lines to him!!! The mother seems to be the happiest mom ever, but on the other hand, the father is almost dead with the shock…and there starts the dilemma of his life!

For last 22 years, he’s been a hero for her daughter and realizes he’s being replaced by a guy who is just 6 months old in her daughter’s life… Though he’s convinced soon, but the events that take place in his life in next few months teach him a lot, and by the end of it, he is mentally prepared for everything.

As the story advances, it reminds me of my father, more and more every second…I can’t express in words how I was putting him, my husband and myself in the story constantly…the most touching scene was when the wedding begins…I almost saw my father holding my hand and taking me inside the church, to leave me standing next to my groom…as if he were giving away the biggest part of his heart to someone who is a stranger for him…I could successfully manage to wipe my tears before my husband could see’em…

I am sure Dad was there when I got married witnessing everything, just like my best person, but I just wish I could see him with these eyes, when he gave me away to Adarsh!


Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yeah I know its Valentines Day today but I am going to write about friends…I wanted to write this for quite some time and somehow realized today is the right day to do fav talk show made me write it today……so here I go…

It was 1.5 yrs back, during a cousin’s wedding when I met a guy who expected me to guess who he was, and if not that, atleast try to recall abt him…and I cudnt...and he was introduced to me as a childhood frnd of mine, and I was told that we lost touch around 15-16 yrs back! Looong time…but before that, we had reportedly wrestled together, besides other games kids of our age play! And since then, we’ve been the best of friends…again!

My wedding is 1 yr old now and I don’t think anything has changed between him n me…atleast from my end… no matter how much he doubted me on this…but today, after listening to my fav talk-show, which undoubtedly discussed about friends today, I realized he has changed…he dsnt call me dat often…he has to think of a good time to call…is it true that my marital status is making him think of all this? Will I also think the same once he’s married…will I also have to think twice before calling him, just like he does? I mean, I feel free to bug him anytime of the day, but will I be able to do it once he’s married too?

Valentine’s Day was a time for introspection for me…he will read it today…may be he’ll think too…may be he wont…may be he knows the answer!

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Blessing in Disguise

It’s my first wedding anniversary today and this is whats going on in my mind right now...

Oct 27, 2002, Sunday, 9 AM

“By the way, whats ur good name?”

I heard somebody asking me this, forcing me to stop reading my book…

Believe it or not, this question changed my life! I replied and thought of asking the same, but then, all of a sudden, my funny bone over-powered me and I blurted out, “…and…whats your bad name?”

He smiled and answered and I got in my list, the first (boy) friend! Hope u got what I mean ;)

Lemme explain if u didn’t get that. I had passed out from an “all gal’s” school and didn’t have many friends out of school also and as the case was, none of them was a boy!

I used to meet him every weekend in the college and as destined, we grew fond of each other, so much so that I found him in tears on the first Saturday after the weekend classes had got over and I realized whatever it was, it was 2-way !!!

We managed to meet once in a month and it was end of second year of our bachelors when he proposed his love to me, very romantically! Though drunk, he was in his senses and surprisingly he remembered everything the next morning! I just prayed he did :D

And my response? I could just say, “Itni der laga di bolne me” and he knew I was in love too…days passed and months got over…we got engaged and then got married too, it was a blessing in disguise, I’d say, because I had hated it when he’d asked my name and honestly, I wasn’t all that comfortable when I’d started talking to him…

The funniest thing is that I’m few days older than him in the world and dat our close buddies kept on threatening us till the day we got married of reporting ours as a child marriage!!!

I have learnt that life lies in small things and small things bring great joys in life!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Picturebook - I

Smiling Smiling Sweety at Baha'i Temple (Lotus Temple)

Li'l Sweety at the Taj

Iya crawling her way to.....somewhere...

Life minus worries - Iya!

Aayush during his first visit to my abode... miss him sometimes :(

Asmita and her unique hair-do!!!
Few months old Asmita's first encounter with the camera guy!
Those were some "really close to my heart" pix...many more to follow soon :)
First wedding anniversary is just round the corner, so pretty busy planning these days! Delhi itself is so chilly these days that choosing a hill station will be a wrong decision and none of us is game for an "adventure destination" cz the charisma of the first wedding anniversary will go fading, we think. Lets see what we come up with and how it turns out...