Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Plea for Hope... Take a min and read this.

Our loved friend Navin Mistry (Johnny) met with an accident on the 4th April'09 around 1:10 in the afternoon when he was on his way to the office and has been undergoing treatment for head injuries at MGM hospital, Vashi.New Bombay.

During the accident he suffered injuries to the head causing multiple clots and internal bleeding. He underwent an immediate surgery (craniotomy) on the very same day and was incubated and connected to the ventilator but post surgery results showed the presence of residual clots for which he underwent another surgery (decompressed craniotomy) on 09/04/09. Repeat surgeries were performed for removing the Skull cap (left and right hemisphere, respectively) to ease the pressure caused by massive swelling of the brain.

Medical reports and notes from the doctors are attached as images to the post.

On 09/04/09 the hospital gave us an approximate expenditure of Rs.6,50,000 (Six Lacs Fifty Thousand) excluding the cost of medicines, which is amounting to around 10-15 thousand per day. This estimate was given to us prior to the last surgery. Currently the hospital costs are expected to be around Rs.10,00,000 and the medicines will probably amount to

Rs. 500000 approx. (Total likely expenditure estimated is Rs 15 – 18 lacs as of today).

Since our good friend was the only earning member of the family the finances for his treatment are well over the family savings etc, hence we have found the need to contribute in any possible way.

We have approached various trusts, politicians & institutions but the response till now is not very positive and any action from their side will at least take a few month’s time.

We would request you to kindly help us through this in any possible way. It would be appreciated even if you could help to raise any funds or refer us to people or organizations which would help us in this grim situation. Or even email us with a reliable and legitimate idea that will enable Navin's family to meet his growing medical bills.

For information about how to contribute or about how Navin is doing pls contact:

Adarsh Maheshwari: 9818190920 or


Jwalant (suraj) Mistry, Meenakshi Mistry, Milind, Sushant, Asif, Rohit, Sunny, Amey, Ganesh, Nadeem, Mahip, Mahipal, Tausif, Aryu, Sameer, Neerav, Deepak, Vivek, Roshan, Varoon, Sauresh, Shashank, Ehsan, Ankit, Snehal & Adarsh.

We, a close knit group of friends have stayed by his family day and night, and contributed as much as we can. We have raised almost 20 % – 30 % of the total bills .But with the growing medical expenses we have run out of options and need help on immediate basis.

Let not a factor like money decide the destiny of our loved brother. Any contribution from your side either in the form of money or a silent prayer will be highly valued, but please give humanity a chance.

For any transfer of funds for the humble cause, please note the account details:

Minaxi Mistry
ICICI bank, Bandra
Ac No: 003801510483
Tel No: 9870083030

Recent News

We received monetary help in the form of Rs. One Lakh Fifty Thousand.
My heartfelt gratitude to Deepak Nichani and Mohit Undevia, who co-ordinated the collective effort.
Also, Nigel Soans and Sarina Lotilikar.

My personal thanks to everyone at Barclays Bank (UAE) for contributing.

Jwalant (Suraj)
4th May.
Thanks to a great response we have managed to cover hospital and medical expenses till date. However we have been faced with a decision to move Navin to a less expensive hospital or a government hospital as the hospital he is currently at is turning out to be quite expensive. Navin has a fluctuating fever but is deemed stable enough to be moved and we will decide to move him to another hospital or not in the next couple of days.
Moving him to a government hospital will also (hopefully) attract the attention of some trusts.

1st May - Maharashtra Day/ May day
Fever is back. Navin is getting treated with iced water.
30th April - election day
Fever has come down. Off the ventilator, Breathing on his own. These are positive signs.

28th April 09
Having fever, risk of infection. Doctors doing all they can to reduce the fever.
Hospital has contacted us to clear its dues immediately. We may have to move Navin to a Government Hospital.

24th April, 09
Minimal right pupil movements under voluntary control of the brain.
Third surgery performed on 18/04/09, right skull cap removed. Next update from doctors on 20/04/09