Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Invasion

I hate it when someone attacks my freedom. Freedom of saying things, freedom of not saying things, freedom of following my heart...

I hate it even more when that Invader is a dear one... but then I realise, only dear ones have this liberty... but I still dont approve it.
I love my freedom more than myself. I love it even more when I am being forced to do something I dont really wish to... and that's when I fight. Like I did last night... though I had to surrender when they overpowered me, but that surrender made them loose their stand in the core of my non stop beating machine. So I dont feel defeated, because they are... What they lost last night, they'll never win that again.

I go down the memory lane and can't find myself acting like this ever. I was never like this. I am forever changing, I think! For good or for bad, is not the agenda at the moment, doing what you feel is what matters...

Having read this far, if you have a feeling that I am using this platform like a venting place, I think we have something in common.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Quick Update!

I know its very very late now, but beleive me guys! I moved pix from my cam to pc yesterday only, after so so long!

So heres a small but very very cute part of how we celebrated A's 23rd birthday:

Click to enlarge!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The End




I, hereby, terminate IT as easily as when they terminate marriages when they say TALAAQ, TALAAQ, TALAAQ!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Insomnia Extended

3 hours of sleep and I am up and kicking!

Have been hearing about Mr. Bachchan's blog a lot off late and have read a few of his posts as well. Contrary to his image as a normal human being, I happened to like his write-ups, and thus, have added his link to my page! I had read that hes a nice orator, and I found out he writes equally well, so here he is, on my page :)
Just came back from a movie hall. Second day last show: Jaane tu...ya jaane na!

A lot of love and a lot of humour. Liked some performances a lot, like Naseeruddin's, Ratna Pathak Shah's and a couple more...and I found Genelia to be better than Imraan.
Quite a few times, the flick reminded me of Chetan Bhagat's latest of his trio, The 3 Mistakes of My life. Well, theres no similarity in the plots, but the story tends to get way too unbelievable at times and I felt the same when I was reading the book named above.

More than half of the people who I have talked about the book said it wasnt easy to digest some portions of the book as they seemed to be way too imaginary and I wudnt disagree. But why do we forget it was a piece of imagination, a piece of fiction!

And why do we read fiction if we cant digest a writer's imagination and if we cant imagine or visualise whatever he is trying to put across? Rather than pin-pointing such petty things, it wud be better and logical to read non-fictions!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weekend Insomnia

Not feeling sleepy despite of a hectic night, I resorted to one of the things I love in my life...Music.

Atif's new track is out and its there on my current playlist and I am loving his other tracks, like all other romantic tracks, for I think of A everytime I listen to it, even when he's sleeping blissfully by my side :) and here comes my coffee! Been ages I tasted it, I try and keep away from it so I dont loose my sleep but I thought I can have some today, when I am so feeling like having it and while the weekend is still here and I can catch up on my sleep later too. Coffee always reminds me of tea, which I havent tasted in 23+ years of my life. Mom never introduced me to it initially, for she thought I might start liking it over milk :) and then I also never picked it thinking tea, being dark in colour makes you dark! By the time I realised the truth, I had decided I seriously dint wish to taste it, and so it continues...

Coming back to Atif, K in her usual Q&A session asked if I had ever been to his live performances, sensing my liking for him. Yet another time I said no!

She continued, "do you know how is his voice in reality?" I really dint have a clue so I made it clear from my face expressions. She, after sensing my ignorance, enlightened, "its very bad! In his live concerts, one can figure out that hes not singing live and they play the recorded tracks in the background and he would just move his lips." "So do they edit it everytime he records a song in a studio?", I asked almost worried. And as suspected, she said, "yes!"

When I pondered on it again on my way back to my desk, I realised it really dint matter to me cz I just listen to what I love and I love what I listen to! How they get it is really not my business.

Now about last night at work. Despite of calibration with client and lots of pending audits, I managed to dine out with A between the shift and it was just lovely! No wonder I still love it when we go out for a date cz I can successfully forget the fact that I am married to him!

K met him last night and said she found him cute....

& I cant afford to disagree!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Abandoned in the Abundance of Love

Less than a couple dozen years of life and here's the eleventh man to have joined the gang...the gang of love strucks!

Where am I heading? Where's life taking me? How am I going to face the captain?