Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Invasion

I hate it when someone attacks my freedom. Freedom of saying things, freedom of not saying things, freedom of following my heart...

I hate it even more when that Invader is a dear one... but then I realise, only dear ones have this liberty... but I still dont approve it.
I love my freedom more than myself. I love it even more when I am being forced to do something I dont really wish to... and that's when I fight. Like I did last night... though I had to surrender when they overpowered me, but that surrender made them loose their stand in the core of my non stop beating machine. So I dont feel defeated, because they are... What they lost last night, they'll never win that again.

I go down the memory lane and can't find myself acting like this ever. I was never like this. I am forever changing, I think! For good or for bad, is not the agenda at the moment, doing what you feel is what matters...

Having read this far, if you have a feeling that I am using this platform like a venting place, I think we have something in common.


2 other zodiacs scribbled:

Geetika said...

Hey u seemed to be a lil annoyed. Nobody can compromise their freedom at any cost but sometimes whe have to how can u forget sacrifice is also a form of love.
So smile :)
n cool down.

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

Now thats some wisdom!!!

yeah I was annoyed and cudnt help penning it down...