Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A: London's just like Delhi, but with better roads.
R: I think better road sense too!
A: yeah! (laughs)

I dunno how true it is, but thats the first thing A told me when he landed on London's roads.
But then, who cares about London?

I asked him a thousand questions... how was the flight? could you manage to get a nap on the plane? nausea? hope you're not feeling cold! how far is office? would you be ok commuting alone? kuch khaya? blah blah blah...

I personally hate asking and answering too many questions, but just couldnt help asking him!

Guess I know how I'm going to survive this entire week... counting days and calculating GMT time! I think I'd just adjust my mobile phone's time... so we are in the same time zone... at the least!