Monday, September 22, 2008

Me - the Hopelessly Romantic!

Thinking of you graphics

This one comes from my College years, when I used to burn midnight oil to study and some electricity for FM Radio. Heard this one such night on one of the FM Stations:

Agar ye jeewan hai ik samandar vishal,
to aa ek seep me hum ek sapna jagaye.
Phir saahil pe prem ki mitti se,
ek chhota sa pyara sa hum ghar banaye.
Usey duaaon se apni hum aur karen pakka,
aur ashko ke diyon se andar-bahar sajaaye.
Ab zindagi hai to gham ke toofaan bhi aayenge,
chal is ghar ko lehron se kuch door banayen!

Still remember, by the time I could type and text it to A, my eyes had moistened and I cried when he called back after reading this :) ... such is Love!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Return of an Auditor :D

I returned back to my usual job today...job of auditing calls...after a long time. Not that I was off work, was busy training batches of new hires back to back...ah, that reminds there's another one lined up next anyways, after current batch was thru the final assessments, I could get back to my usual audit thing...and with that, I was back to my music box too...

Auditing at our end consists of a lot of filing and data entry too, so while I am doing all that, I keep playing one or the other track and keep moving my today, the first thing I did when I got back at desk was I plugged in my beautifully amazing and amazingly beautiful headphone and played a song which goes like this...

Sinbad the sailor jahaaz me jab chala
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Dhoondh raha tha ek nayi duniya ka pata
Mere yaar sun lo sun lo
Woh... anjaani raahon me thaa..o-o
Woh... lehron ki baahon me thaa..o-o ....

And then this one...

Tum ho toh gaata hai dil
Tum nahi toh geet kahaan
Tum ho toh hai sab haasil
Tum nahi toh kya hai yahaan
Tum ho toh hai sapnon ke jaisa haseen ek samaaaaaaa
Jo tum ho toh yeh lagta hai ki mil gayi har khushi
Jo tum na ho yeh lagta hai ki har khushi me hai kami
Tum ko hai mangti yeh zindagiiiiiiiiii......

(Mine and A's current faves respectively!)

And the after effects of these 2 tracks... I felt like I just got up from sleep, felt like a kid jumping with unknown joys, felt like....ummm....just amazing!
Last few days have been real hard "work wise"... new work timings, long training sessions where I kept repeating myself and did endless talking, and where everyday when I got up, the first thing that used to come to my mind was, "o sh**, I'm late again"

I figured out yet another time, what music does to me...wonders!
Anyway, weekend is just right here, with a small family meeting in pipeline and I might go watch "Rock On!!" again...simply loved it...more because I was at Shakuntalam (Pragati Maidan)...where I was to go book fair actually ;) and I did too, got myself "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand...ah, and that reminds me I have to finish "The Kite Runner" ...only last chapter and it's gonna be done...and Its the best fiction I have ever read...and what else....

Whatever i'll be doing this weekend, I'll be hoping for 1 thing... this I do every weekend...
"I'll be hoping this weekend lasts FOREVER!"