Friday, February 8, 2008

A Blessing in Disguise

It’s my first wedding anniversary today and this is whats going on in my mind right now...

Oct 27, 2002, Sunday, 9 AM

“By the way, whats ur good name?”

I heard somebody asking me this, forcing me to stop reading my book…

Believe it or not, this question changed my life! I replied and thought of asking the same, but then, all of a sudden, my funny bone over-powered me and I blurted out, “…and…whats your bad name?”

He smiled and answered and I got in my list, the first (boy) friend! Hope u got what I mean ;)

Lemme explain if u didn’t get that. I had passed out from an “all gal’s” school and didn’t have many friends out of school also and as the case was, none of them was a boy!

I used to meet him every weekend in the college and as destined, we grew fond of each other, so much so that I found him in tears on the first Saturday after the weekend classes had got over and I realized whatever it was, it was 2-way !!!

We managed to meet once in a month and it was end of second year of our bachelors when he proposed his love to me, very romantically! Though drunk, he was in his senses and surprisingly he remembered everything the next morning! I just prayed he did :D

And my response? I could just say, “Itni der laga di bolne me” and he knew I was in love too…days passed and months got over…we got engaged and then got married too, it was a blessing in disguise, I’d say, because I had hated it when he’d asked my name and honestly, I wasn’t all that comfortable when I’d started talking to him…

The funniest thing is that I’m few days older than him in the world and dat our close buddies kept on threatening us till the day we got married of reporting ours as a child marriage!!!

I have learnt that life lies in small things and small things bring great joys in life!


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Adarsh said...

U said it what i wanted to ....

I am not a philosopher but like i always say that present moment is like a drop that just fell into stagnant water... u never know how big will the impact be in years and decades to come....

I wish all the drops in the pond r making good ripples and will have a good and a lasting impact in your and our lives.... Love u more... Adi