Friday, May 30, 2008


Wow! Wow! Wow!

Pretty overwhelmed with all kinda feelings now and have quite a few reasons to continue "wowing"...

  • Courtesy Gujar protests, my company did not send the office cab to my place today, my boss smilingly asking me to enjoy the holiday, while most of'em had to work, just because their homes were not at places affected with the protests (or may be riots)...So I was home the entire day(rather night) cz thats wat my shift is, and I bet they marked me Present with special comments against it..... WOW!!!

  • Because of this off work day, I got to visit our flat where a lot of things are going on...we'll be moving soon, that kinda scares me, but I trust my Man on this, just like i do for everything else. I got to choose the paint shades for all rooms, cabinet shapes and designs for the under-construction modular kitchen, feeling busier than ever..... Wow!!!

  • For the rest of my time of the day, I guess, I did the best thing ever... I read Chetan's latest of his trio, titled as "The 3 Mistakes of my life" cover to cover.....yes, can you beat that? Finished reading it moments back and felt the urge of writing here :) What a book..... WOW!!!

Now just in case you think I am trying to do something like the book with my 3 pointers above, please know that this was co-incidental.

I do not plan to write a review on the book, however, if it sounds like that, please be reminded that its not one ;)

While I was reading the book, I was comparing it with the previous 2, all the time. Though I have liked both of'em, and "One night..." being one of the first fictions I read, I think this one was as good as his debut book, leaving far far far behind the second one...

Last weekend when I had bought it, my husband said if his writing style was still the same...knowing that I had already read an excerpt of the book on the website...I had replied in positive. But had added, its nice to hear/read stories in that style. I am not a CB fan, but at the same time, I like his books just like I like many others.

With the third book added to his list, he continues to write in the same manner where one doesnt need a dictionary to comprehend whats going on, it rather feels like he's talking to you all the time (works perfectly for patient & good listeners like me ;) ), fun & good humor intact, very cute and beautiful when it comes to romantic scenes and I simply love his selection of words and expressions! He continues using long-hyphanated-tags (just like this one!) that add the fun of reading his write-ups.

1 thing that sets "3 mistakes..." apart of the trio is that its based on issues and incidents broader than those of Book 1 & 2. There was a lot blood and gore in the book but I figured out by the end, Chetan likes happy endings, like most of us. I so much like the way he writes the acknowledgment part of his books... In one of his books, he had even thanked Bill gates for Microsoft Word and its various fonts, for they let him show quite a few things simultaneously!

Chetan Bhagat has raised the bar for himself with "3 mistakes..." and I dont mind saying it... I am waiting for his next, right from today onwards!

Its a must read for those who were disappointed after "one night..." for it'll reinstill their liking for the author, but only if they wish to!

Apologies if my views above contained spoilers for the book. Here's the link to book's page on Chetan's website: The 3 Mistakes of my Life


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Geetika said...

So njoyed fokat ki holiday :P
Moreover made gud use of it ;)
Although i gt to knw abt CB's new book, bt I still have to get one for me!! Hope I wil acquire it soon :)

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

o yeah! chance pe dance and mauke pe chauka :D
get ur copy, u'l like it even more if u take it as light fiction!


Rashi said...

gud space here...shall drop in more often !

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

Thanks a lot, Rashi!


Kon ?? said...

i stopped reading ur post at u read '3 mistakes...'. didn't wanted to know anything about the book in advance..have to read the book..but dunno how to get it here :)

Geetika said...

You deleted a very nice post. y??????????
I saw that bt b4 i cn write nythng it ws gone!

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

Yeah, it was written in a rush and was deleted in the same rush... during an overflow of emotions, but wen that was over, i realised those words cud become devastating...



i am also looking to read that say it is interesting.
I liked your blog.
me too blog.
do visit.

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

The book really is interesting, and so is ur space! Just visited and loved every word you penned.

Specially "the tail of the train".
All the best.