Thursday, May 1, 2008

Badal pe paao hain!!!!!

“We're blessed with an angel, Our princess has arrived!!!”

My husband was sending this text message to everyone we both knew and we could hear our phones ringing non-stop. I had been thru probably the most terrible pain and the fruit was now in my arms – a baby girl, my hubby had always wanted a daughter, I guess every father does the same, though I had no preferences as such, honestly.

As the visitors’ hour approached, I saw my few hours old lil gal trying to get acquainted with almost everyone, peeing in the laps of only the lucky ones ;) while her dad cudnt stop smiling for even a fraction of a second, as if all his wishes had come true, and I was lost in flash back of last few months, which we both had spent, sometimes imagining, sometimes dreading (only me) and sometimes dreaming, rather day dreaming!

My life was changed and I was so very excited about the coming days, rest of my life will now be revolving around not only my man, but around her too, I’l get to be wat I’ve always loved being, a kid! I dint care if I was going to get sleep-less nights or lazy days, I was plain happy – period! I soon conversed with the doc, and I was told she had been easy on me, and I so thanked the God (who I think of only when I have to thank Him) for this, for saving me from facing my biggest fear…a caesarian delivery, I had always feared this…

I was lost in all this when my cell phone rang again, informing me that my office cab was on its way to my place, to come pick me for office…what the heck!!! That heavenly time…what was that supposed to be??? A dream? Yes it was a dream, and I got up to the reality, cursing the same God and began my day...

No, this dream really doesn’t mean I m ready to be a mom already…but yes, I am pretty hopeful about it. It might sound funny that whenever I talk about kids, my husband feels as if I am ready to go, and specifies he isn’t yet, and is reassured by me. He’d laugh it out and he’d never answer if I’d ask him how many kids he’d want to father, but I have always wanted just one kid, doesn’t matter a gal or a boy…and when I shared the same with my Rakhi-Brother(who happens to be the only child of his parents), I got a serious advice. He said you can nvr share anything and everything with ur folks, but its hell easier wen its ur sibling who you are sharing it with, so think of at least 2…self experience in that thought was abundant and made me think deeply into it…

I haven’t decided on that yet thinking time will tell the best, but let me tell you, just a glimpse of motherhood and that too in a dream, has made my eyes sparkle, more than ever!


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Ms. Geetika said...

hey congratss!!!! sry 4 being late. so mus b feelng gr8 being a mom :)
n angel ka naam kya rakha hai?
i often read ur blog. n i really lyk stuff u write ..... n sumtyms it evn inspires me to start my own blog!! bt i really dont knw hw many ppl wil b interested u read d crap!!
nywayzz u carry on d gud wrk.

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

Geets, thnx a lot for visiting, n dat too with that kinda frequency!

Carefree said...

I dont know hw i landed up at ur blog...was checking ur posts and found them to be awesome...a new look a new perspective to life...u write very well...pls continue...God bless u and ur hubby :)

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

@ Carefree,

Welcome to my space first of all!

Thanks for all the kind words, keep dropping by :)


Carefree said...

i will...i think u already have so many that i need to catch up with :)

i love blogs and am always in search of new ones....and urs give a brilliant piece to read.

God bless!
Keep in touch :)

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

:) :) :)