Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To A, with Love...

Last weekend that we spent, was the first one we were miles away from each other... and it was different, it was weird, it was insane and it was everything it has never been since we've been married!

  • Woke up in the evening and stayed up all night.
  • I saw a movie for the second time. It was one movie I was so skeptical to see even once.
  • As soon as it was intermission time, I ran towards the exit gate in dark, fell down, got up and ran outside again, thinking to get pop corn and come back before the intermission gets over and ended up spraining my right ankle. Too bad! I should have thought its chilling winter and spraining your leg is not at all a great idea! I should have thought you aren't here :(
  • Have had 2 visits to Barista, had dark tempt and creme caramel latte, thinking of you..hoping to sit next to you next weekend and do the same
  • Scrubbed every tile in the bathroom to shine, and I have outdone you this time ;)
  • Strangest of all, updated my status on FB for the first ever time in life...wrote on walls and commented on pics. I have never done this before.
  • Chatted with a friend after ages...loadsa girl talk is what we did. :)
  • Went out for strolls and not drives, unfortunately the DL is not here yet 
  • Cried and longed a lot, for reasons very unreasonable to myself.
I did it all with a single thought all the time - I dont want another weekend like this!!!

See, what distance from you does to me???

सुन रही हूँ सुध बुध खो के कोई मैं कहानी, 
पूरी कहानी है क्या, किसे है पता
मैं तो किसी की हो के ये भी ना जानी, 
रुत है ये दो पल की या रहेगी सदा... 

जो बरसे सपने बूँद बूँद 
नैनो को मूँद मूँद
कैसे मैं चलूँ
देख ना सकूँ 
अनजाने रास्ते...

And then some more...

बीती रात बासी बासी, पड़ी है सिरहाने,
बंद दरवाज़ा देखे, लौटी है सुबह
ठंडी है अंगीठी सीली, सीली हैं दीवारें
गूंजे टकरा के इनमे, दिल की सदा...

जो नैना करूँ बंद बंद
बह जाए बूँद बूँद
तडपाये रे क्यों सुनाये रे
गीत मल्हार के...


4 other zodiacs scribbled:

One more blogger said...

Sometimes distances make u feel evn more stronger for ur patner. Hope u njoy ext weekend wid A :)

brajmohan said...


I feel sorry for the things that happened with you in last few days, probably these lines can describe your situation:

"बिन तेरे हैं कितने अकेले हम,
इन लब्जों में बयां है..."

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

I hope so too, Geets!


the-sagittarian-blogger said...

Nail on the head, Braj. Spot on!