Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday TSB!!!!!


The Sagittarian Blogger turns 2 today!

2 years and 53 posts old TSB feels elated.

TSB,  I want you to know that you haven't been given the amount of time and attention you really deserve, but you have been thought of every single day. You brought me applauds, cheers and unimaginable appreciation.

To be honest, I never knew I would ever have you, TSB! You are an extension to what I am as a person, you are an identity to me.

You are and will always be special to me :)


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One more blogger said...

It will be special to us (all the readers of TSB) also :)
happy budday TSB :) u turned 2 now.
Although sweety will say happy anniv :P

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

U're right!


brajmohan said...

Happy Birthday TSB

And many-many thanks to the creator for making such a wonderful blog. Actually TSB is sometimes irresistible to me, always the first click in my bookmarks list of 100.

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

TSB is happy to have you with her, Braj!


Raju said...

Two years of constant updating is a landmark indeed!! congrats TSB!! :-)

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

I smell Sarcasm!!!