Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I deserve to be in Lansdowne!!!

Lansdowne is a hill station in Uttarakhand, India.

It has a history from British days and was named after a Viceroy who governed the place for many a years and was taken aback with its beauty.

Lansdowne is an Army Cantonement area and needless to say, its maintained very beautifully. As a rule, at one time, Lansdowne must not have more than 500 poeple inside its boundaries.

Its only about 225 KMs from Delhi.

Hang on my friends, did I tell you why I deserve to be in Lansdowne yet?

Its a place where no Mobile Networks work!

Can somebody please take me there? Are you listening, A?

Or atleast steal my phone please!!!

Some shades of the place...


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brajmohan said...

this place is really beautiful :))

brajmohan said...


the-sagittarian-blogger said...

@ Braj,

You gotta be there to how beautiful it actually is! :)


One more blogger said...

It seems to be a b'ful and romantic place and that too wid no mobile network! Nice place for u luv birds (U n A) noone is gonna disturb u thr :P

Raju said...

Those are awesome pics!! Even I want to be in Landsdowne now!!

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

@ Geets,

arreymain to family ko bhi le jaane ko taiyaar hu, par jaau to sahi!!!


the-sagittarian-blogger said...

@ Rajesh,

It IS the place to be!


Priya said...

My mum used to live their once..she still talks about its beauty and we have a lansdowne st near our house :))