Saturday, February 27, 2010

Respite from The City of Joy

As I fly back home early Sunday morning, a lot of things that started in last 2 weeks would come to a halt. I 'd call it - Respite from The City of Joy...

It will be a respite from living alone in a room. A room that has nothing you could call your own. A room, that is only there to serve as a roof on your head, and where you could sleep. Sleep that you squeeze in between work!

It will be a respite from maddening traffic on dingy roads of the city. From poorly managed traffic and from poorly managing traffic police force. From yellow ambassadors, that make a lot of noise and from their drivers who charge you double of what the fair metre shows.

It will also be a respite from hogging at places like CCD, Azad Hind, Fingertips, Honey Da Dhaba, BB's etc. Oh! the list is endless. It will be a respite from chicken hakka noodles as the only good option left while looking at the menu (most of the times). From coffee, toasted bread with butter and black pepper, at 2 PM.

It will be a respite from an-early-to-bed-and-early-to-rise-city, where you dont get to see many people after 6 pm. Respite from a place where most of people work with a laid-back-attitude. The only thing that energizes them at work is initiation of a Dharna.

And finally, this is going to be a respite from Weekends without A

But, the best part of Kolkata: choco-fudge cookies at monginis (I gotta go buy a lot of these today), mishti doi, rosogulla, the Gurudwara where we had nice kesar milk at 4 AM, our funniest attempts at speaking Bangla (no matter how incorrect our bangla was, we all got the accent right!) and sea-food festival at bar-be-que nation on valentines night!

Well, I might have spent all fortnight at the wrong places of the city, however this is what and how it has been all this while.

Already aware of another trip next month,

Yet soaked in an overwhelming respite


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brajmohan said...

Welcome back to the city. Hope you'll fly-back safely. Have a rocking sunday.

Despite of all those valid points to turn you off(add, the next month's expected trip), you had few reasons to smile during the trip too. Few memories about the trip that will certainly help you to draw the semi-circles called smile on your face(you have mentioned them too). So, dispose all -ve things and preserve all +ves for you about the trip.


the-sagittarian-blogger said...

@ Braj,

I hope so too! :) :)


Raju said...

Welcome back!! You chose a nice time to be back...Happy Holi!!!

the-sagittarian-blogger said...


Thank you :)