Friday, December 11, 2009

Random Updates

I don't know who to apologize from, for being inactive for close to 2 months, you readers, myself or my blog! I dont want myself to even start like this and i dont want to blame work or life for this, but unfortunately, i am doing both.

Things have been very very very busy, work has almost taken over my life controls, but I am happy. Guess, happier than I have ever been, far as work is concerned. Finally feeling like immersed in it and not to forget, getting appreciated for it! Why wont Bosses love such a thing???

Anyway, the other day I was working from my Boss' place. While leaving in the evening with the boss for a meeting, we realized we hadnt turned off the internet modem. Leaving my laptop near the doorway, i stepped in office room, to turn it off. Boss said - turn on the lights, Rekha, its dark in there. I said - thats fine, i can do without it. Turning it off, I returned to the doorway, and left for the meeting, post which we both left for our respective homes.

Boss called at 2:30 in the night, laughing, to tell me I had left my laptop battery adaptor at her place!

The brain went into a quick flashback of things and I realized this:

The battery adapter was plugged in right next to the broadband modem. When I had stepped in to the office room to turn off the broadband modem, I could have easily spotted it there, IF the Modest me hadnt decided to keep the lights off! Damn Me!!!

The next day, I made A stay home and work from there, we managed work by switching laptop batteries from each others' laptops, since the adapters were not common and the batteries were. Thanks a tonne, A, for the idea.

The second day, I was working from the Boss's home office again, so got to pick up the battery adapter from there. Duh Me!

One good thing these days is that I am back to my reading thing. Finished Brida, Veronica Decides To Die, Message in a bottle (I cried for good 30 minutes), a walk to remember, Stay hungry Stay foolish in last 1.5 months. Now reading The Class by Erich Segal - finding it different from his others such as Man, Woman and Child, Love Story and Olivaer's Story. (Enough show off of my collection, I think!)

Not a great news on Movies, Last I saw was Wake Up Sid. Wanted to watch his next too, but didnt get good reviews. They are showing it on Telly this month, that'd do for me :) Saw Outsourced on Telly, its a hilarious one! You must see it, whether u belong to BPOs or not! I recommend, highly!!!

Wanna go see Paa, let see when that materialises.

Looking forward to December Christmas break from work, though its only 5 days and then 2 more days with a gap. I am longing for one now.

Before that, with my birthday approching in about a week, I am due of doing something I promised myself of doing before my birthday. I have to register myself for eye donation, and am looking for a hospital/institution/medical bank that can be contacted for this. Let me know if you know any.


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Metallica bhakt! said...

Happy Birthday in advance!! :D.. lemme know when is it?
Even I havent yet seen any movie after Wake Up! Sid and I want to see Paa too! Prolly you could come to Mumbai and we could chill ;)
for the eye donation thingi! commendable I say girl.. I suggest you should first contact your eye doc and ask him/her for an eye bank which is authentic..
have a kickass birthday! :)

brajmohan said...

finally you are back after a long break :))

Now one-by-one

No need to apologize, but the break was relatively longer and for someone like me who clicks daily in the bookmark list, it was really a longer one. Even I was thinking to write an email to you about your inactivity.
Appreciation after working hard to complete something recharges your batteries for next assignments, hai naa...?
The charger story was interesting. We, the human beings, do small mistakes that make us laugh later. btw, switching the batteries was a good idea. This will prove helpful to others too. :))
Have you read "two states"? I'm planning to get a copy of both "a walk to remember" and this one on this sunday.
On movies end, last I saw was 2012, and thinking about Paa and Three Idiots these days.
Lastly, happy birthday in advance. Have tonnes of fun and masti on this birthday. :))

Priya said...

Eye donation is a good idea :)

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

@ MB

Thanks a tonne! Saturday is when it is :)

Mumbai... its been about 4.5 yrs I came there, next trip is anticipated, thanks for the invite!!!

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

@ Braj,

You're an inspiration :)

I just gor 2 States, 2 days back, read one third of it too...cute so far ;)

Thanks for the wishes, thanks a tonne!


the-sagittarian-blogger said...

@ Priya

Aa rahe ho to sath chalte hain :) :P