Friday, August 28, 2009

30 Days & 30 Ways

Time flies away when you really dont want it to!

The other day I realised I had completed 1 month in the new company I recently joined. That made me ponder on the events of past 1 month...many things changed, many new were's a point by point detail of my 30 days in TPL:
  1. TPL has made me diary-gal. I cant do without my daily to-do list. I go off to sleep and something I need to do the next morning crosses my mind - I'm up the very next second and scribbling notes in the diary, with dreamy eyes and shaky hands!
  2. My job puts me in a place where I screen people on every stage, starting from their joining our projects till the time they survive there. I hold myself responsible for rejecting "infinity plus 1" people so far... cant say how many more will follow...
  3. This job has changed my perspectives a lot. I've turned sides now, I get a two-side view of things now.
  4. I used to work 9 hours and travel 4 hours before I joined TPL. Now I spend those 13 hours working!
  5. My phone works over-time too. I used to charge the phone battery once in 2 days - now it gets fed everyday.
  6. This ones a bad one - I was so used to falling asleep with A's pats on my head. Now since he's moved to decent morning hours, he sleeps off before I do and I dont get those pats I so miss in life :(
  7. There's another thing I miss... seeing him sleeping next to me the moment I get up... but I make up for that by calling him while I am still half-sleep.
  8. For the first time in 5.5 years, I'm trying to get into a day schedule - the 9-6 routine.
  9. Another bad one - the weekend I used to be so crazy for - has gone half - yes, I work on Saturdays, too!
  10. I still travel but way less. And I get to travel in Metro sometimes too - makes me happy, reminds me of old days, when I was a regular with Metro.
  11. I am a regular with home cooked food, too. Working from Home job has some merits, at the end of the day!
  12. But at the same time, eating out hasnt gone down. If I'm travelling, I'm eating out...and eating a lotttt!
  13. And that shows when you look at my Tummy. Its never been like it is these days!
  14. TPL India team is a 3 women brigade (that includes me, too!) I haven't had female colleagues/boss before - so this one's a change too.
  15. I have a weird history of getting along with Leos. Its either too good or too bad. Incidentally, both other women in the league are Leos. Its been good so far... lets see...
  16. First thing when I get up - I used to plan the meal I had to cook - now I check the mail.
  17. I get to write a lot these days, but that has hit on my reading quota. I am stuck on Brida for about 1.5 months now. Buckle up!!!
  18. My break time from work - I solve Sudoku puzzles that appear in the newspaper everyday...1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9.. and you're done! I even have Sudoku on my iGoogle page. I play sudoku when I am travelling - time flies ;)
  19. I have promoted myself to a regular Lipgloss from zero make-up.
  20. Social Networking sites would soon declare me anti-social. Well...I was never a fan but yes, a regular but its may be once a week now...just so I dont forget my passwords ;)
  21. There's been a biiiiiiig cut down on my movies too... 30 days and just 1 movie. Thankfully it was a cute one.
  22. I have now entered into a professional relationship with a very very dear friend. This frightened me first, but then enlightened a lot of things later on. I am glad it happened :)
  23. One of the very important things I do at work is getting the customers' expectations right...and the way I work is setting my boss' expectations wrong! Leading by example, you see!
  24. In my IQR days, I used to think I was a workoholic...I wonder what I am right now...
  25. Again in my IQR days, I believed wherever I'd go next, it'd be better for sure - that still holds true. I wont like to compare more :)
  26. I gave my first ever salary in my granma's hands, i still remember. My first salary from TPL is due now - and I'm thinking what to get for the 2 most important people in my life...
  27. This job has made me take my driving seriously.
  28. I have loved to have a planned day, but that's history now. I still begin a day with a plan, but its a plan that has all the deviations and d-tours of the world! Life now is an ad-hoc list of assignments :)
  29. Now that i've got myself rid of travelling thru 3 cities everyday (from one end to the other end of NCR), A has got into it and spends a lot of time driving now.
  30. My first post in more than a month - the one that you just finished reading!
Some cartoons now, I think I need'em:


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One more blogger said...

Gud so quite a change in life n routine :)
But howcome book worm stuck with Brida for abt 1.5month!! Yaar I found that one irresistable.

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

the book worm is stuck with the computer books have taken a back seat now...

I know its even more disappointing when I say this.


Raju said...

Not really, I actually HATE winters!! My fav line in winters is, I HATE WINTERS!! Its the change of seasons that excites me...this feeling will be coming next when the winters pass and the spring arrives...
also, not many women visit my blog, so I can get away with writing he said she said on my blog :-)

Raju said...

Hi! so did you like Wake Up Sid?

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Good to know thirty things about you that you developed in these 3o days at TPL..Cartoons are Hilarious :)

Erratic Thoughts said...

That's a pretty pleasant introspection...

Nicely written...:)