Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've got to be ME

Its CRISIS time.
For the first time its "identity crisis". For the first time I am feeling bored with things. For the first time.....
I do not welcome changes easliy, but its the stagnant life of mine that's been a botheration for me.

They say its a mood swing period I am going thru, I know I am not. At the same time I dont know what I am going thru.
It dint happen overnight. At the same time I dont know when it started to change.
Its not because of just one thing. At the same time I dont know what the reason is.

I have been "the busier, the happier" kinds, so far as I remember. I adore this state so much so that its being difficult to survive with this trait at work. May be I was like this always and this "busy" phase never let me think of it ever.
Sustaining zenith is getting impossible by the day. Not that its tough to handle it, but Work is what you prove yourself with.
No work, no test.
No test, no evalution.
Give it some time and people forget you as if you were never there. Identity crisis, isnt it?

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i think that is good.There is great fun in being alone.But can anybody be alone...Being alone is not easy.Always there will be Some "chirping "inside aur heads..
Identity crisis is good.Because it gives an opportunity to start a search for our real identities.
havent you heard the great chinese saying..

Geetika said...

hmmnn u r busy n u dnt hv tym to blog. but u cn post if u hv sumthng already written....
vat say?
u knw vat I mean....

Jyoti said...

well, i think you aer growing as an "individual", its the phase of life which comes after studies,career..m sure you will get through it soon.

All the best gal :)

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

Rightly said, I was alone and still company...accompanied by non stop thots!
Hope it passes soon, thnx!
(Man in painting)

Yeah, was on break. Break from Internet, from computers, from office. Back with loadsa hopes now :)
And I do know what u meant, hope the new post will suffice ;)

Thanks a tonne! :)