Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mom's the word!

I lost mine at 13...

Mom, they say, is a child's first teacher, she really was! She taught me calmness and patience besides several other things. I dont exactly know how old I was when I learnt differentiating between colours, I am sure she taught me that too.

So she'd bathe me every morning and would dress me in cute frocks :) and then place a box full of colourful buttons in front of me...and that used to be enough for me for hours! I'd play with'em in many ways, sorting out similar coloured ones, grouping small and big buttons and so on. She'd hear from me only when I felt hungry, not before that...I see myself now and don't know where that trait has gone from me!

She made sure I get a balloon every morning and introduced me to sparrows and pigeons...I'd rejoice and get amazed when I see them or hear their chirping sounds :D

Obviously, I dint like all her decisions, no kid does...But I know I am soon going to step into Motherhood and then I'd realise how right she was, in all her actions...sure as hell !!!


2 other zodiacs scribbled:

Priya said...

motherhood is one of the best things that god gave to women :)

God Bless!

devsang said...

that was a great one